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Each week of the baseball season we will take a look some of the top gainers for the past 7 days and explore the reasons behind the rise.   With the Pro Baseball rankings now online for a couple of weeks we are launching a pro edition of our popular weekly risers column.  
Player Team Previous Rank Current Rank Change Notes
Josh Donaldson OAK 162 99 +63 Converted from catcher to 3B last year Donaldson is putting it together both in the field and at the plate. His cards are quickly rising in value but still very reasonable. It’s looking like a lock that he will be the A’s representative in the All Star game.
Yadier Molina STL 54 31 +23 2 months in and whispers of MVP are emerging. I really think it’s way too early for that. .353 BA(2nd in NL) has made collectors take notice.
Chris Davis BAL 137 45 +92 19 HRs , .353 BA and a slugging%(.754) almost 100 points ahead of Cabrera(Crazy). Looks like the market is back all in on him after the big push/selloff for his stuff durring his hot streak in mid april.
Michael Pineda NYY 119 92 +27 Reports of him doing well in rehab games along with his possible return to action happening soon have pushed his ranking up.
Johnny Cueto CIN 130 94 +36 Got off to a great start to the season then abruptly went on the DL with a lat injury. In his 2 starts since coming back he has picked up where he left off.
Julio Teheran ATL 121 95 +26 After a rough start to the season Teheran has found his rhythm. Finally showing signs of becoming the elite pitcher he was projected to be. Sporting a 4-1 record and 2.23 ERA over his last 6 starts.

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In only FIVE playoff games Krug has put together a great run with 4 game impacting goals and terrific defense to help the Bruins to the conference finals. Krug has become a revelation for a hockey collecting market begging for something new to latch onto.  The amount of licensed rookie cards are down this year due to the lockout. Rookie cards for players debuting this year have been put off till next years products. What’s happened in the past 2 weeks has been nothing short of remarkable. $5-$8 Auto’s a few weeks ago are ranging from $75-$110+ now. The only thing i can recall comparable to this in all of sports collecting to see this fast of a meteoric rise would be Linsanity (Jeremy Lin). He only has Auto’s in one product; 2012-13 Panini Certified. when you add up the variations comes out to a quantity of 1378 available. So some things that concern me:

His postion has always been an issue of collect-ability. If you look at our rankings there are only 4 defenseman in the top 50.

The sample size is too small. He spent the entire season (with the exception of a 1 game callup) in the minors. Though his numbers were decent they didn’t bust down the door to get him promoted.

Claude Julien’s System doesn’t aid offensive production for defensman.

And finally the Bruins next playoff opponent the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  I really believe this is just a perfect storm scenario. A player getting hot at the right time with limited product availability for a heavily collected team.   Finally to the lucky person who was able to secure his 1/1 card below for $34 on April 17th. I say strike while the iron is HOT.   krug1-1

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Each week we will take a look some of the top gainers for the past 7 days and explore the reasons behind the rise.   A day late with this after taking the holiday off, so the changes will be through today. Which is probably better given all the recent call ups.  
Player Team Previous Rank Current Rank Change Notes
Kevin Gausman BAL 9 4 +5 Unexpectedly called up to the big club last thursday. Had a decent start even though the numbers don’t look so nice. He just left a couple balls up. Threw consistently in the mid to upper 90′s.
Albert Almora CHC 22 10 +12 Back in action last week after having surgery to remove his hamate bone. Off to a blistering start going 14-17(.519) since his return.
Michael Wacha STL 54 17 +37 Speculation and now confirmation that Wacha will be called up has pushed up his ranking. So far he’s 4-0 with a 2.05 ERA but his K’s are way down this year so far. That’s probably more a product of the talent level in triple A but it is worth noting.
Jedd Gyorko ARZ 118 51 +67 Been a nice surprise so far for the padres. Showing some pop this past month with 5 HR’s. 4 of those in Petco Park.
Nick Franklin MIN 108 60 +54 Finally gets called up. Mariners middle infield has been horrendous so far this year. Franklin was batting .324 with 4 HR and 20 RBI’s in AAA. Action has been heavy so far since the announcement.
Kolten Wong STL 97 60 +37 Continues to tear up AAA. Interesting to see if they will call him up to platoon with Carpenter or let him get steady at bats in the minors.

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Every week we take a look at a few Offensive Players of the Week for minor league baseball and evaluate them on the field and in the market.

Cory Vaughn

vaughn Binghamton (NYM) – AA Eastern League (.400/.444/.600, 6 G, 10-for-25, 2 2B, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 5 R, 1 BB, 5 K, 1 SB) Baseball bloodlines in play being the son of former Major leaguer Greg Vaughn. He’s off to a terrific start this year but he is on the older side for a prospect at 24. He has shown good pop at times and with the weather finally heating up in the northeast I’d guess we should see some more homeruns. Card wise he has no auto’s which is kinda crazy considering the norm of going after a player with bloodlines. There are 2013 Bowman Base cards available on the cheap.

Luis Sardinas

walkerMyrtle Beach – A+ Carolina League (.419/.424/.581, 7 G, 13-for-31, 1 2B, 2 3B, 9 RBI, 6 R, 0 BB, 6 K, 2 SB, 1 CS) Another talented shortstop for a team loaded at the position. Great speed and a plus defender. Not a power guy though not a big deal at his position His only auto is in 2013 Bowman. The base auto’s are going for a very prospector friendly price of $6-10

Jesse Winker

WinkerDayton (CIN) – A Midwest League (.375/.516/.875, 7 G, 9-for-24, 1 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR, 10 RBI, 7 R, 6 BB, 4 K, 1 SB) Great approach with a great idea of what he needs to do at the plate. The power seems to be coming around as well. He is definitly flying under the radar in the market. Bowman Perfect Game auto’s have been selling for $20-25. Bowman sterling and Elite are in the $5 range. His inclusion on the “Players of the Week” list will definitely drive some interest his way.

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Each week we will take a look some of the top gainers for the past 7 days and explore the reasons behind the rise.   The dust has settled from the Bowman release. Now we can see some performance vs product aided gains take place.  
Player Team Previous Rank Current Rank Change Notes
George Springer HOU 32 15 +17 Mashing in AA. Leads all levels in HR’s.  but the strikeouts are still a little bit of a concern but only if stops hitting. Not much left to improve on at AA so a promotion may happen sooner than later.
Archie Bradley ARZ 49 17 +32 Hands down the best pitcher in the minors this year. Shut down the hitter friendly Cal League(A) and is doing even better in the southern league(AA). His combined stats through 9 starts this year are ridiculous: 5-0 1.1ERA  68K’s 18BB 1.068WHIP
Hyun-Jin Ryu LAD 30 18 +12 The $62mil dollar gamble by the Dodgers seems to be aces so far. Through his first 9 starts he’s 4-2 with a 3.42 ERA and 56K’s.
Christian Bethancourt MIN 67 39 +28 A stellar defender who’s showing signs of life in his bat this year. Just not producing any power. His auto’s are all redemptions so it may be awhile till the real deal shows up in the parket.
Didi Gregorius ARZ 97 52 +45 Didi is making the Diamondbacks look like the winners of  the Trevor Bauer/Shin-Soo Choo trade that left a lot of people scratching their heads. Hitting at a .354 clip since being called up in mid April.
Aaron Hicks MIN 108 54 +54 His first month in the show was a huge disappointment. But play has started to turn around a little bit the past couple of weeks and it appears the market is taking advantage of the bottom here. Keep in mind although he is 23 he did make the jump from AA this year.
Adam Walker MIN 435 97 +338 The secret is out. Still continues to punish Single A. Limited auto’s will continue to drive the price up.

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So to kick off the launch of Cardboard Tracker I though it would be fun to have a contest based on our prospect ranking engine. With the recent promotion of Avisal Garcia and his steady climb up the rankings he’s a perfect candidate for this contest. So here’s the deal: The person(s) who Reply’s the correct final Prospect Ranking Avisail Garcia will have on the end of the day Sunday May 19th will be placed into a random drawing for his 2012 Bowman Chrome Auto. This “reply” needs to be made by Friday May 17th midnight EST.   Use the following Tweet To Reply. Also if you could take a second to follow us that would be awesome too. We will have more contests in the future! Thanks and Good Luck!!!     Click Here to view the Current Prospect Rankings   Here’s a scan of the card up that’s for grabs: avisail garcia  

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Every week we take a look at a few Offensive Players of the Week for minor league baseball and evaluate them on the field and in the market.

Christian Yellich

Yellich Jacksonville (MIA) – AA Southern League (.455/.552/1.000, 6 G, 10-for-22, 2 2B, 2 3B, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 7 R, 6 BB, 4 K, 1 SB, 1 CS) Making a case to join Ozuna and Fernandez on the big club. The Marlins look to be playing this out till June to avoid  Super 2 status. His 2010 Bowman Chrome base autos have been steadily around $40-50. There has been an uptick in value for his secondary auto offerings. This trend will continue till he gets called up. Not alot auction of listings as some prospectors are waiting till he is called up to start moving him.

Adam Brett Walker II

walkerCedar Rapids – A Midwest League (.444/.444/1.074, 6 G, 12-for-27, 4 2B, 2 3B, 3 HR, 13 RBI, 7 R, 0 BB, 5 K, 1 SB) Still destroying A-Ball. He was a player of the week a 2 weeks ago. Leads the Midwest League league in HR/RBI’s. Elite is still his only card. Volumes are low. It’s amazing his low# stuff is going in the $30 range. Expect that to change

Anthony Rendon

RendonHarrisburg (WAS) – AA Eastern League (.500/.600/1.000, 7 G, 12-for-24, 6 2B, 2 HR, 8 RBI, 5 R, 6 BB, 4 K) Recently promoted to the bigs for a short stint to fill in for Ryan Zimmerman while he was on the DL. He’s handled coming back down to the minors with a purpose. Problem is he is positionally blocked at third. They have been moving him around the infield this year and my guess is he ends up at second.   His cards have taken a hit after the demotion. His base Chrome auto’s are around $30 down from a high of $70 when he was called up.

Garin Cecchini

garinSalem (BOS) – A+ Carolina League (.389/.500/.889, 6 G, 7-for-18, 3 2B, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 5 R, 3 BB, 2 K, 1 SB, 1 CS) Another player that was the list 2 weeks ago. Still tearing up the carolina league with a .372 avg so far this year. His Bowman chrome autos are up to $15-20 from being in a range of $10-15 2 weeks ago.

Jorge Soler

Soler Daytona (CHC) – A+ Florida State League (.467/.471/1.200, 4 G, 7-for-15, 3 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 5 R, 1 BB, 2 K) Jorge is finally letting his bat do the talking instead the nonsense he started the season with. Crazy to think the Cubs considered trading him.   His cards hit a slight blip with his ordeal but are looking to be back on the rise. Still some good buys to be had in his lower end autos

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Each week we will take a look some of the top gainers for the past 7 days and explore the reasons behind the rise.   The assault 2013 Bowman has placed on this weeks rankings is pretty incredible to watch. We had 29 players move up into the top 100 this week. Things will settle down next week after the frenzy subsides.  The most notable based strictly on playing performance was Shelby Miller. If it was any other week he would probably be #1.  
Player Team Previous Rank Current Rank Change Notes
Byron Buxton MIN 15 1 +14 Bowman and his performance so far this season are driving him through the roof. Having no problems in A-ball. A promotion should happen at some point. He needs to be tested.
Carlos Correa HOU 27 2 +25 Bowman driving the ranking. Health has been an issue so far this season. Hopefully the summer months will heat up his bat as well.
Shelby Miller STL 9 3 +6 Had a monster game Friday night. Gave up a leadoff single then retired the next 27 straight for the complete game shutout. Making an early case for rookie of the year.
Oswaldo Arcia MIN 56 7 +49 Both his performance and first bowman have led to the bump. He’s off to a great start since being called up to the bigs a few weeks ago.
Yordana Ventura KC 215 14 +201 First Bowman card and he throws straight gas. Throws in the upper 90′s but can get up to triple digits if he needs it. Been stellar so far in Double-A.
Alen Hanson PIT 109 15 +94 First Bowman Card. He’s off to a slow start this year. Not showing much of the power or run making ability he had last year.
Lucas Giolito WAS 80 16 +64 First Bowman and 1st round pick in last years draft. Hasn’t pitched since injuring his elbow last summer. He underwent ligament replacement surgery in his throwing elbow shortly thereafter. Currently rehabbing. His 100+ MPH fastball is why there is still interest. Proceed with caution.
Matt Olson OAK 142 21 +121 One of my personal favorites. He’s Picked it up the past 2 weeks after a slow start. His auto’s are very reasonable right now if your looking for value. First bowman chrome team auto card and under armor is pushing him up the list as well.
Alex Meyer MIN 164 26 +138 First Bowman card and his performance are pushing him up here. Upper 90′s fastball. Control has been an issue for him in the past and the twins are notorious for bringing young arms along slowly
Renato Nunez OAK 337 27 +310 He’s go some pretty impressive numbers so far this season. Good raw power that should only increase as he fills out. Strikes out alot but with his production it’s not a bog deal. Fisrt Bowman card and performance driving him here.
Clayton Blackburn SF 400 28 +372 Power arm who got off to a good start this year but has had a couple so-so outings recently. Still has a exceptional K/9 rate of 11.2. The Bowman Chrome is only auto on the market..
Dorssys Paulino CLE 239 30 +209 The Cleveland phenom is off to a slow start his year at the plate but he his only 18 and his second year of pro ball. Bowman is o=pushing his ranking here.
Hyun-Jin Ryu LAD 255 39 +216 Off to a great start like Shelby Miller with similar K/BB rates just gives up more hits.

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As the 2013 MLB draft approaches we will be taking a look at prospects that have cards available in the hobby.   Kris Bryant, 1B, University of San Diego
Draft Projection: Top 10(More likely top 5)

College Junior Bats/Throws: Right/Right HT/WT: 6’5″/215 Birthdate: 1/4/92

View Profile kbusaHe’s a masher. Putting up improving numbers every year. But this years numbers are absurd. 25 HRs through 49 Games. To put that in perspective the next closest player has 18 HRs. He has a solid approach at the plate. Takes advantage of mistakes and has been getting on base at .500 clip this year. Keep in mind these numbers are being done with the new bats that have seen power numbers dive over the past couple years. Looks to be a solid top 5 pick at this point. As for his cards he his auto’s can only be found in 2012 Panini USA Baseball. Not alot on the market right now but the higher numbered ones have sold in the $20-40 range. He also has a Bowman base aflac card. The numbered auto from Topps will probably show up in 2013 Bowman Draft Pick & Prospects late this year.
  Consumer Alert!!! kb aflacJust wanted to raise attention to the current 2009 Bowman Aflac Auto’s that are on the market. While they might be his real autograph they are not authenticated or certified. They currently have been selling around the $40 Dollar range but in the end won’t have nearly the value of his certified autos. 

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With today’s release of 2013 Bowman Baseball we can begin to see what kind of effect this has on our prospect rankings. The magical appearance of product a day before release has sent players on the rise. Everyone knows the corner stones of this years product are Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton. I have no doubt by the end of the day they will be leading rankings. Let’s dig a bit deeper into today’s biggest movers so far.   The following are players that are on the rise. Make sure to check out the Popular Listings on the players profile. This will give you an idea on whose watching what items. *These intraday rankings are as of 11AM EST. These are bound to go up through the day.

Lucas Giolito

lucasCurrent Prospect Rank: 54 +20 Team: WAS Current Level: Rk Pos: RHP View Profile

Yordano Ventura

yordanaCurrent Prospect Rank: 90 +70 Team: KC Current Level: AA Pos: RHP View Profile

Dorssys Paulino

dorssysCurrent Prospect Rank: 127 +73 Team: CLE Current Level: A Pos: SS View Profile

Roman Quinn

romanCurrent Prospect Rank: 146 +36 Team: PHI Current Level: A Pos: SS View Profile

Jorge Bonafacio

jorgeCurrent Prospect Rank: 156 +60 Team: KC Current Level: A+ Pos: RHP View Profile

Clayton Blackburn

claytonCurrent Prospect Rank: 175 +105 Team: SF Current Level: A+ Pos: RHP View Profile

Mark Montgomery

markmontgomeryCurrent Prospect Rank: 184 +80 Team: NYY Current Level: AAA Pos: RHP View Profile

Renato Nunez

renatoCurrent Prospect Rank: 201 +83 Team: OAK Current Level: A Pos: 3B View Profile

Dilson Herrera

dilsonCurrent Prospect Rank: 231 +109 Team: PIT Current Level: A Pos: 2B View Profile

Jeff Gelalich

JeffGelalichCurrent Prospect Rank: 249 +50 Team: CIN Current Level: A Pos: OF View Profile  

Tyler Pike

tylerpikeCurrent Prospect Rank: 268 +88 Team: SEA Current Level: A Pos: LHP View Profile