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As I kid I got into collecting when i was seven back in 1985. My father would pick me up cello packs of 85 Topps Baseball. I would sort and memorize those cards for hours. Rickey Henderson, Kirby Puckett and McGwire were my favorites of the time. Through the late 80′s my obsession got to the point of me doing my own tables at card shows. This gave me a quite unique perspective on the industry as a whole.

In 92 my family had moved cross-country and my interest in the hobby had moved on as well. During the years I that I had stopped collecting I got into music(playing in bands) and computers. The Internet was starting to take shape I had a new interest in web development. I’ve been through the startups to consulting to interactive agencies for work and continue this today.

Fast forward to 2010. My son was born and I thought it would be cool to get some cards from the year of his birth. Stopped by a local card shop bought a few packs and I fell hard. Couldn’t believe how much collecting had changed.  At this time Strasburg mania had begun to hit it’s stride and the chase was on. By the end of the summer I realized it was pretty much all about the hits these days and the joy of collecting sets had evaporated.

Being very analytical I begun toying with the idea of prospecting. Always loved researching the players coming up from the farm system of my favorite team. The problem was the process is very slow. Between looking up players stats/scouting reports and searching on auction sites it was tough to get a clear picture as to what was going on.

This is where the idea for Cardboard Tracker started. The auction market for cards is very fluid and up till the launch this site there hasn’t really been a way to quantify what is going on in terms of market activity. The goal of Cardboard Tracker is to have a central resource for looking up players in many different ways. Integrating stats, news, popular listings and rankings.

We have really just scratched the surface here for what this site will become. But I hope it will provide you with a useful tool and different perspective of the hobby.

-Donavon Young
Creator of Cardboard Tracker

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